Why Why?

whyKnowledge is instantly available these days. How we curate it and use it makes the difference to whether we grow or not and so, to get it right, we need to ask the right questions.

The right questions lead to great conversations and they build trust, drive innovation and growth.

Why is why so important? Closely followed by What if…? And then What might…?

Why is the word that fires the imagination and leads to the inquiry that leads to innovation and growth?

What if…stretches the bounds of possibilities and allows clear thinking.

What might…asks an open question without any inferred responsibility for a “right” answer and so leaves everyone free to be open and honest.

Combining mindful conversations borne of great questions and deep listening with a permanently curious mind and a love of people, generates the safe place for both parties to be vulnerable, open and willing to allow every option to be considered. This generates growth in both and serves to improve the world in which we live.

Everything that matters to us is borne out of a conversation (with ourselves and with others). What if we have a conversation?  What answers do you want questioned?

What might we achieve? What moments of change might we discover?

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Steve McNulty