The Coaching Space

tumblr_static_big_bangAs you may be aware already I believe that we need to pay attention as much to the now as we do to the past and the future. However, we move so fast away from the past all the time as we hurtle towards the bright promising lights of the future that we miss the treasures held in the present.

I’m not suggesting that you should slow down – although that would be a brilliant decision to make. I am suggesting that you distort time by creating moments of space in your life that take longer to travel through than normal activities.

We travel day to day in two dimensions i.e. forward or looking backwards. I’m suggesting you might want to consider entering a space that is spherical and filled with the wonders of today. Enjoying this space will distort time and space within your mind and allow you to identify where you actually are and what is really important to you. This creates the moments of knowledge that lead to moments of feeling that lead to the real moments of awareness and manifest in moments of change – our gateway to becoming the human being we are.

This requires practice and can be achieved by yourself. It is often faster and more effective with the guidance of your qualified coach.