Moments of Change

SM8905 webThere are only two days when we can take no action…yesterday and tomorrow; yet as most of us spend the majority of our waking hours contemplating the past or planning the future, we miss out totally on the beauty and immediacy of the present – the only time we can think, feel, live, do and most importantly…be.

In a coaching conversation it is crucially important that both coach and coachee are 100% present. That is 100% in the moment.  If either one is less than 100% present in the moment then the effectiveness of the coaching may be compromised.

When both parties are 100% present, are committed to a safe environment, accept each other’s vulnerability and are prepared to investigate any and all possibilities, that is when moments of change happen. Change only happens now – it happens in the moment, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

It is my contMindfulness-at-Workention, in which I believe I am not alone, that every coach who has a desire to provide the very best service they can must understand mindfulness, clarity of intuitive listening and the importance of fully contemplated and elegant questions.

A mindful experienced coach is one who develops coaching conversations in a manner in which each one is unique in structure, pace, content and grows both parties. Although fully knowledgeable and unconsciously competent in coaching models these are never evident in a dynamic 100%, in the moment, conversation.

I facilitate Moments of Change coaching workshops for coaches and organisations that want to take their coaching to a deeper, more effective level. Each workshop is developed around the exploration direction and/or outcomes sought by the participants and is, as all good workshops should be, a growing conversation.

Call me on +44 (0) 7545 855324 (UK) or +1 (619)-642-6261 (USA) or email me to find out more.

Thank you

Steve McNulty